First Blog Post! Let’s discuss what interests you.

Dear Whomever (anyone?): Bear with me! I am slowly teaching myself how to blog. The content is there but it’s the technical aspects I’m having difficulty with.  But I am tenacious and thorough and will get started ASAP. My upcoming topics:

  • Dear England: Don’t Change!
  •  Sentient Animals
  • Parenting the iGen
  • The Snowflake Generation
  • One’s Moral Compass
  • Fear mongering: Brexit, North Korea, Nukes, Climate Change
  • Travel Blog
  • US-UK “Two nations divided by a common language”

Let me know if you are interested. Or even out there.

2 thoughts

  1. Looks fab! Love all your topics and want to read more! Would like your thoughts on how the media plays into Trump’s hands. Case in point – the recent NFL distraction to divert attention from health care, Korea etc. Looking forward to you keeping me on top of what I need to know!


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